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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nothing to do Saturday

A Saturday with nothing to do?

Looking back through the calendar from June through today, every weekend has been busy. We have had something to do,or been gone for 7 Saturdays in a row. Today was different. We had nothing we had to do. I had a hard time accepting that strange occurrence. I kept checking my calendar to make sure I was not  forgetting something that needed to be done.

It was nice to have a day “off”. We were able to go to breakfast with Great-Grandma. Then we came home and actually had time to do a task that I have been putting off for two months. Clean our sunroom.

The sunroom is our play/craft room. Since the end of May, it has not been used very much. The main reason, it has no air conditioning and when it hits a 100 degrees outside the room is almost unbearable. Sooo.. . Toys, games, books and more piled up and never got put away. To put it mildly, it was a mess.

But today, that changed. It has been cooler  because of clouds and rain, so it was nice to be in the sunroom and clean it. We picked out things to take to the church rummage sale. We put games away so we could find them when we want to play. We swept and vacuumed. The most amazing thing of all: we did it all without tears or crying of any kind.

We still have a little more to do. Ben has a few boxes of Lego’s that he is sorting into the drawers I bought. I need to finish cleaning up my craft/sewing stuff. But the room is 90% better. It feels so good to have that project done.


To celebrate getting it done, we went swimming with our cousins. Unfortunately, we were only in the pool about 20 minutes when we had to get out because of lightening. Then, while walking to the car, it began to rain. It rained very hard and we all got just as wet as if we were in the pool.

To finish the day, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Joe and cousins came over to watch a movie and eat pizza, salad, and cherries. I have to say that even thought we were busy, it was a good, relaxing day.

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