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Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Long Break

I have taken a very long break from blogging. About four months. Life from Thanksgiving onward has been absolutely crazy. It has not really slowed down, but I thought I would like to continue on adding to the blog.  My focus might change a bit. I have stopped reviewing homeschool materials. I have not stopped homeschooling, though. I just needed a break from the reviewing.

A very good reason for not reviewing is I decided to take a college class. This class is a very intense EMT – Basic class. I have class two nights a week for five hours each night. Then one night a week is extra skills practice. Throughout the semester I will have two clinicals with the ambulance company and two clinicals with the emergency department at the hospital. Each of these clinicals are 12 hour shifts. This is the most intense class I have ever taken, but I am really enjoying it. One thing I will not do is become a fire fighter. I have no desire to climb into bunker gear, strap an air tank on my back and go into a burning building. But taking care of people and helping out, that is what I love.

I have also started working part time at our church. I am the youth director. This is a fun, job where I get to work with the youth of the congregation. I plan activities, execute bible studies, games, fundraisers, and more.

So life is about as interesting as it can get. My goal is to try and get a few of my thoughts out on my blog at least once, if not twice, a week. We will see how well that goes!

Talk to you later!