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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nutmeg Update–6 months


Nutmeg, my birthday puppy, is now 6 months old. She has been so much fun! She is a happy, friendly little dog with a tail that never stops wagging. Due to her mixed breed nature of rat terrier/yorkie, she is a little scruffy looking, but we think that just makes her cute.

Nutmeg is about 7 pounds now. I think she is about her full grown size. I have heard from multiple sources that 6 months is about when a small dog stops growing.  She loves to eat and she also then loves to be in the kitchen when I am cooking. She was spayed about a month ago and has an S tattooed on her belly. This is just in case she gets lost and Animal Control will know automatically she has been spayed.

Chasing a ball is one of Nutmeg’s favorite activities. The other seems to be cleaning Loki’s teeth. Loki is much bigger than Nutmeg, about 48 pounds, but she stands on her hind legs and licks inside his mouth. She also likes to be outside and run and play and sniff and dig. She is also a cuddly dog. She will run and play, then climb up onto your lap so you can cuddle with her.

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