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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Driving Lessons

We are embarking, for the second time, on a journey to teach a teenager how to drive. Matthew is 20, he took drivers education when he was 15 and received his license 9 months later. I remember thinking it was “strangely weird, and weirdly strange” the first time I climbed into the passenger seat while my son was in the driver’s seat.

But, now it is Sarah’s turn. She is a little older than Matthew was when he started. She took Driver’s Education when she was 15, has her learner’s permit and drove about 3 times. Then we got busy, and every time I asked her to drive she said, “No”. Now here is is a year later and she is now 16. Her driving skills are better after waiting a year, but more importantly her maturity level is higher. She does not mind the instruction I give while she is driving this year.

The goal is to complete as much as we can of her required 60 hours this summer. I have a log in the car and the plan is that she is to drive everywhere we go, unless we have other kids in the car. Because Matthew is moving out, getting married and generally not going to be home, I am losing my extra driver. So Sarah is going to have to get her license to pick up the slack.

I sure hope my hair does not turn any grayer than what it is already.I may have to break down and do something I have never done before: Color it.

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Vickie said...

Jaime has had her permit for about 18 months. She isn't even half way to getting her 60 hours either. There for a bit she didn't want to drive when I asked her, now she is asking for any excuse to go to town LOL

Donald is in driver's ed now and Ashley is being taught at home.

I learned that at 17, if the kid can pass the test, we can get a permit and teach them ourselves. We learned when we got Donald's permit for class, that he has to drive 60 hours or turn 17, whichever comes first. We haven't told Jaime that yet LOL

An extra driver will be nice but not necessarily necessary right now. But by fall, we could have 3 newly licensed drivers. (Nicole still doesn't want her license).

I also agree that them being older there is more maturity and readiness for driving then even Jaime was 18 months ago when she took the class.