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Monday, June 3, 2013


I am one of the two leaders of our church’s youth group. Just like almost all groups, we have to raise funds for trips, snacks, supplies and various other things. Trying to come up with creative ideas is hard.

One idea that my mom came up with while she was leading has become a standard. It started out as a youth “slave” work day. People from the congregation would sign up, the youth would go do whatever work they asked. While this worked, okay, it needed a lot of adult help as some jobs were literally too much for the ages of the kids we had. But one job that was requested by multiple people was window washing.

Window washing has become a twice a year fundraiser that people look forward to and start asking weeks ahead of the time we have planned. We simply take a bucket, white vinegar, rags and squeegee. We also take a small shop vac to help clean screens and window tracks.

This event has become both a fundraiser and a service. It is a fundraiser in that we get paid whatever the person would like to pay us. But, it is also a service to help the older members of our congregation get their windows washed when they cannot do it themselvese.

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