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Monday, March 4, 2013

My Challenge to Myself

Note: I am linking this post up with Crystal from Money Saving Mom. She is hosting an Early to Rise Challenge based on the book Early to Rise by Andy Traub. I have bought the book and am working my way through it one day at a time. Visit Money Saving Mom and read her Early to Rise Challenge for more information.

Early to Rise

I have recently (My less than a year) been working on getting up earlier in the morning. This has been quite a challenge for me. I have slowly been working my way to getting up earlier and earlier. Right now I am at about 5:30am. My goal is to get up about 5am everyday.

Why am I working towards an earlier wake up time? Mainly because there is so much I want to get done, but never seem to be able to accomplish everything. I want to start each day with devotions for myself. I want to sew. I want to blog more. I want to write reviews in the morning, not late at night, I want to exercise. Well, the exercise is the only task that I am very faithful and consistent in getting accomplished.  Thanks to having walking partners, I walk every morning at 6:30am. But the rest of the list, forget it. My personal devotions come when I get the chance, not always in the morning. I have not sewn in ages. Blogging is hit or miss. Reviews always seem to be started in the evening when I am tired and grumpy.

Around New Years, I began making small changes. Getting up earlier was one of those changes. The main reason I started was so I could get up early enough to throw a load of laundry in the washer before I left for walking. Once I was consistently getting this done, I started thinking of all the things I could accomplish if I got up even earlier. So now I am working towards this goal.

One way I have been able to accomplish actually getting out of bed earlier is that I got a puppy. Once I set her up on a schedule of getting her out of her crate around 5:30 am, she expects me to do it everyday. Then my older dog heard the two of us up and about, so he had to join in as well. So now, 5:30am the two dogs and I get up, I feed them and then my problem is: what do I do now?  This week’s task will be getting my devotions/bible study done before I start any other task, (well after I feed the dogs, they are pretty insistent about that task coming first.) I would like to add more, but know from past experiences I really need to take small steps.


Debra said...

I need to have a consistent "get up" time. I need to.

Alyson Brown said...

I need to have a consistent get up time as well. I like the idea of taking smaller steps, and getting up at say 8 am every morning and then once you get that, change it to 7:30 and so on. That way it won't be such a shock to my system. Lol. :)