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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Abraham’s Journey

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About the Book

Abraham’s Journey A Celebration of the American Dream  is a small, paperback book with an important message. The book follows a boy named Abraham through an adventure in Cyber Space via his smartphone. Along the way he meets Historical Characters and learns something from each of them.

The book is set in the present day, but time travel inexplicably occurs and Abraham finds himself meeting and interacting with such figures as Amelia Earhart and Norman Rockwell.

The premise of the book is that Abraham’s parents have both lost their jobs. Christmas will be scarce because of a lack of money. So Abraham decides to help his family out and earn money to buy gifts. Along his cyber journey, Abraham finds a hidden talent.

ClarkClan Thoughts

I had both Ben (11) and Rebekah (9) read this book on their own. Neither had trouble with the reading level on this book. Ben stated he learned about people he never knew.

It is unusual to read a book with historical figures interacting with a modern day boy. I was skeptical at first, but after reading the book for myself, I  found that I enjoyed the book. It is not a long book, easy to read in one sitting for upper elementary level kids. I liked that Abraham wanted the best for his family, even if that meant sacrificing something for himself to be able to afford gifts for others.The authors achieved their goal of showing how hard work and determination can  help further the American Dream.


I would recommend this book to others. The only drawback is  the price tag. The book is $14.99, a little spendy for me.


Many of my CrewMates also  reviewed Abraham’s Journey. Click on the banner above to read what they thought about the book.

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