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Friday, January 11, 2013

Tired of Being Sick!

We finally seem to be on the mend. We had been hit hard with sickness since the Friday before New Years. Today was the first day I could say that nobody was sick. Everybody woke up feeling great.

It started on Dec. 28th. I woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach virus. It was the worst stomach virus I can ever remember having. I threw up multiple times, then came diarrhea, along with fever, chills and extreme tiredness. I am thankful it only lasted one day for stomach upset and one day to sleep, rest and recover.

The day I got sick with the stomach virus, Matt was fighting a cold, that I think was really the flu. His symptoms lasted about 5 days. Just as he was getting better, Ben, Rebekah and I came down with flu symptoms. Rebekah had the lightest case. Low grade fever, slightly stuffy nose. Ben and I ran fevers and had chills and other symptoms such as stuffy noses from Thursday till Monday.

During this time, Sarah came down with the stomach flu. She was miserable throwing up for a day and sleeping. Rebekah was the last to come down with the stomach virus, and her case was the lightest.

On Monday, Ben, instead of getting better, started running a high fever. I called the Dr. on Tuesday, got right in to find out he had developed a lung infection. So he is on antibiotics, a steroid, and two inhalers. The good news is that 12 hours after taking the first antibiotic dose, his fever went away and today 4 days later, he is about back to normal.

I am very thankful today that everyone feels healthy, we seem to be past the worst of this sickness. I have been reading on the internet about the flu epidemic that has spread across the nation. I am thankful that we are over the flu, and hope it will stay that way.

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