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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Year, New Habits

It happens every January. I think this happens to a lot of people in January, judging by magazine articles and organizational books that abound during this month. It happens to me every January. The need to become a “new” person. The need to completely change how I clean, organize, exercise, raise my kids, and the list goes on.

Every January I feel like this, and by the middle of January, I wonder where I have gone wrong and how come I could not change anything. I am disappointed in myself because I have not gotten out of bed early every morning and had everything tidied up and dishes always done and.. and… and.

This year, I had the same feeling after Christmas. I started making my lists of what I wanted to change. Then a strange thing happened. I got sick. I got more than one type of sickness that lasted weeks altogether. You certainly cannot start new habits when you are throwing up, or can’t get out of bed because of a fever. My kids got sick. Once again, it is hard to take care of sick kids and start new habits. We also had company visiting for an entire month, different people, but one right after another.

So, have I given up yet? Just like I always do? Well, yes and no. I gave up the idea that I need to make many, broad sweeping changes all at one time. I instead am concentrating on just one new habit I want to instill. Then when that is fairly well established, I will work on another one. I am taking small steps, and when I fail, I am determined to start again.

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Anonymous said...

small changes does seem like the way to go. Thanks for the encouragement