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Monday, January 28, 2013

It was a Monday

Today was a Monday. It was not an absolutely awful day, but not a spectacular day either. Rebekah threw a small to medium fit over just about every school subject today. Mondays are always hard for her and then we had to go pick up our car from the repair shop early this afternoon. When we take a break in the middle of the school day, Rebekah has such a hard time getting back on track. She never wants to do anything after 3pm.

The Home Warranty company sent out a new repair man this morning after Matt complained on their Facebook page how he was not happy that it was taking 60 days to get the oven fixed and that nobody from the Home Warranty company seemed to care. I am hoping to have the oven working well soon.

The good part about today was we got our Suburban back from the shop and this time it seems to be working just fine. I was also able to complete my small step of starting laundry before I walk as well as make my bed and wipe down my bathroom. I think it helped that Matt worked the opening shift today and was gone by 4:00am.

We ended our day with a Meatless Monday meal of homemade pinto beans topped with cheese, tomato, avocado, and sour cream. It was very tasty, especially with whole wheat tortillas fresh made by the tortilleria at the grocery store here in town. And then, the best part of all for me., Matt was home this evening and was able to do the driving for Scouts tonight. This meant that I could stay home with Rebekah, get the dinner dishes done and then just relax.

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Lisa said...

That sounds like a Monday, full and exhausting. I'm kind of like Rebekah, too. If something different breaks up my day it's very hard for me to get focused again. But I'm glad you had a chance to relax in the evening.