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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snow in the Desert


Snow came to the desert this past week. When I was a kid growing up here, snow was a big deal. It did not happen often and it was like a party atmosphere when it did. Everything shuts down, because there are just not the resources available to deal with snowy, icy streets and the inevitable car accidents that happen from people driving too fast.. This is “normal” to me. It snows, everything stops.

Then we moved to Montana and lived there for 6 years. Guess what? Things do not stop for snow in Montana. Life continues on, unless it is a blizzard. I learned how to drive in the snow, even if I never really liked it. It was learn to drive or be a hermit for 8 months of the year.


Now that we are back in New Mexico, it is back to feeling excited that the snow is falling. The kids had a great time playing in it. It is warm enough here that they do not even need snow pants to play in the snow. It was melting fast today. By 4:00pm almost all the snow that fell overnight, about an inch, was gone. The party is over and life begins again.



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