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Friday, April 5, 2013

New Sink

We bought our house last November. When we moved in, we knew we were going to need a new kitchen sink. The previous homeowner had totally ruined the sink. There were cigarette burns all around the edge, there was a crack at the top on one side. But the worst part of all was the finish on the bottom was completely ruined. It was rough, pitted and stained a blackish color.

Because of holidays, company, lots of sickness since November we have not had time or the money to replace the sink quickly as originally planned. But, this week was the week. Matt and I went to the home improvement store and picked out our new kitchen sink. I originally thought I wanted a granite composite sink. These look nice, but are a little expensive. So we looked back to the stainless aluminum. We found a sink we wanted, large single sink instead of a double. It was a whole sink “kit” which included the sink, the faucet and all hardware needed. By going this slightly cheaper route, we were able to buy a nicer disposal. I am totally amazed at how quiet the disposal is. Quite a change from the last one.

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