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Monday, November 8, 2010

Surprise! I’ve been nominated

     This morning I had a big surprise.  My friend Vickie texted me and told me that I had been nominated for a blog award. The Homeschool Post hosts Homeschool Blog Awards and between today and November 18th voting is taking place.hsbawards10-nominee125

      I have been nominated in the Best New Homeschooling Blog category. Good category for me because my blog is very new. In fact, the only thing about blogging that I knew about before I started was from the movie “Julie and Julia”.  Then I started a blog so that I could be a member of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Homeschool Crew. So my blog mainly reviews homeschool products, but every now and then I get brave enough to venture out and write other things.  My latest venture has been the Gratitude Challenge. This has been very fun as it is getting me in the habit of writing on my blog everyday. 

     THANK YOU to the mysterious person who nominated me.  I really appreciate it and feel honored to be a nominee.  Anybody can go to The Homeschool Post and vote for their favorite blog in each of the many categories.  If I read their rules right, you can vote once  per category, plus everyone in your family can vote once for a total of five votes per household.

     So go check out The Homeschool Post and make sure you vote for your favorite blogs. And if you happen to vote for my blog, Thank you very much!


Vickie said...

Congratulations and good luck!

Denise said...

Congrats! I will have to go check out all the blogs- and do some voting : )
I appreciate your comment on my blog- I like the 3 column look of your blog- very nice!

Good luck!