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Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 29 Gratitude Challenge

Today I am grateful for the Boy Scouts of America. We have 3 kids that are active in some type of BSA Scouting program.

When we started homeschooling Matthew (17), over 9 years ago, I had taken him out of public school right before his 3rd grade year. I decided that he would miss some boy companionship and we had friends whose son was in Scouting so we started Matthew. He was a Bear when he began.

Matthew has had great experiences in Scouting. He has had wonderful leaders who have helped him become the young man he is. I remember the many campouts, bike trips, hiking trips, caving trips, summer camps. Scouting has helped Matthew be able to do way more than we would have been able to give him. In 2008, he received his Eagle Scout award. We were very proud of him for pushing through and finishing his project. It was quite an accomplishment. Matthew is still involved in Scouting. He is a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and has been looking into Venturing so he can continue past his 18th birthday.



Our son Benjamin (9) is also in Scouts. He is a Bear this year. Because of our great experiences with Matthew, and also of knowing a lot more about Scouting by then, Ben started as a Tiger Cub. He was so excited to finally be a Scout himself, instead of just going to meetings with his big brother.  Ben is still excited by Scouts 3 years later and can’t wait until Tues. when he can go to his meetings.

Sarah (13) is also a Scout. BSA has a program for teenagers called Venturing, which is open to boys and girls. Sarah has joined this and LOVES it. I like to joke that “Sarah is now an official Boy Scout”.  This past month her Venturing Crew have been working on a sled that they will use in January during their Klondike campout.

And finally, my husband and I are both involved. My husband began to help when Matthew was about 12. He started as an Assistant Scoutmaster. He has held many positions since then. He has sat on Eagle Boards, he has been Charter Organization rep and now he sits on the District committee. And, myself, I am a Den Leader for Ben’s Bear Den. I say I have been dragged kicking and screaming, but I have had a great time with the 6 boys in my den. It has been a lot of fun to work on their achievements with them. The best part of all, my husband does all my record keeping, making life very simple for me.


Thank you Lord, for the Scouting program that has benefited our family.

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Lisa said...

That's great that your kids have something they enjoy. We have never been involved in scouts, but my son was a member of the Cival Air Patrol & loved it.

The Unsell Family said...

What a blessing for your boys! We have never been involved in scouts but when I was a little girl, I was a bluebird and then brownie. ;-)

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I love the boy scouts. My father was always a leader, and there was always some wonderful character building activity that they were involved in. It's great that your whole family can enjoy the scouts together.