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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 28 Gratitude Challenge

I had planned to post my Gratitude Challenge early this afternoon. But my plans changed, and so did my thankfulness. I was going to talk about Advent, and how exciting this season is. But then after church, my two youngest cooked up plans to play with friends. So my Gratitude today goes to Brandy, who watched my kids all afternoon. This was so exciting to me, because I was able to sew all afternoon and finish a present for my youngest, Rebekah. It was nice to be able to sew, without interruption. I also am very happy that I was able to sew in the afternoon instead of during the evenings like I had originally planned (much better on my eyes).

Don’t forget to go to Brenda’s Garden of Learning and read the Gratitude posts of others. Only 2 more days to go in this wonderful challenge.


Vickie said...

Brandy is awesome! I am thankful for her too :) I'm glad you got to sew some. I sure need to get busy on that as well.

Guiding Light said...

Isn't it a blessing when friends take the kids for a little while? Glad you were able to use the time in a way that you enjoy!