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Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 8 Gratitude Challenge

     For day 8 of the Gratitude Challenge hosted by Garden of Learning I am thankful for my daughter Sarah.

    Sarah is 13 and has become a beautiful young lady.  I think she is beautiful both inside and out.  Sarah takes great care of her younger brother and sister.  She plays games with them, plays outside with them and just generally helps them out.  Reading is a passion of Sarah. Library day is very important to her and she usually checks out 5-8 books a week.  Another of Sarah’s passions is our dog, Loki.  She takes very good care of him and has taught him some fun tricks.  One of the tricks is to play “Hide the treat”. Sarah makes Loki sit and stay in the kitchen then hides a treat around the house. Loki then sniffs and sniffs until the treat is found. This is great fun to watch. Some of my most favorite times are when Sarah and I are working on projects together. During these times we talk, laugh and have a good time. I love her enthusiasm for helping others. She quickly picks up on when someone needs help, and then tries her best to solve the problem.  All of these characteristics make up one wonderful daughter!

Thank you Lord for the gift of a wonderful daughter!


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Vickie said...

Sarah is great. I've seen her with little ones and she is awesome with them. She has a big giving heart.