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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zoo Day

After a busy morning at Vacation Bible School, we decided to go to Boise with friends for an afternoon at the zoo. What a wonderful day. It was raining in Mountain Home, but when we got to Boise, no rain. The weather was just perfect, about 65 degrees and partly cloudy. Almost all of the animals were out. Sarah got to see her favorite animal, the tigers. Ben was able to see a Galapagos tortoise, plus another tortoise I forgot the name of. Rebekah got to make her pig sounds at the wild pigs we saw and also see the giraffes. Matthew apparently is too old for a favorite animal, but I guess that is what happens when you are 17. At least he willingly went with us. The walk through the rose garden was beautiful as well. There were a lot more roses blooming this week than a week ago when we went through. Sarah took some wonderful pictures of the roses.


Cathlene said...

what great photos! The circus rose is beautiful. Raining today which we need. I trained a nurse student last night so the work was easy, but hard to watch while I stood still and tried to think of helpful yet tactful hints. The VBS songs have turned into a head worm today-- Love, Us

Anonymous said...

I always loved the circus roses that Besta planted on the northwest part of our yard. Multicolor roses are so beautiful!
Aunt Charlene