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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Badminton Fun

      Church Camp Week for Ben and Bekah has been a wonderful time.  Our outside activities have been badminton and horseshoes, then we have bible study, sing lots of songs and eat lunch.  The three of us have had a great time, and then when Dad gets home from work he plays outside with them again.  I better be careful, they may not want their brother and sister home.  Although, I did hear discussion this morning on how it will be nice when Matthew and Sarah come home to to their own chores again.


Michelle said...

they look like they're having a great time!!

All American x5 said...


Cathlene said...

Good morning to the Clark Clan at Camp.. all 6 of you! I heard a Grandma on a Christian station once who ran a week of Cousin Camp each summer, bringing her grandkids together and then having a great (but exhausting) time sharing faith, Bible study, meals and recreation with them. She was overflowing with creative ideas that I have forgotten. She may have been on Family Life Today or Focus. God bless