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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Church Camp Week!

     A fun and exciting week for Matthew and Sarah,who are three hours away.
     A strange week for Ben, Rebekah and myself.  It has been fun overhearing Ben and Bekah discussing between themselves whose work they are going to have to take over.  Those two are hilarious together.  My mother says they remind her of puppy dogs, forever playing together, sharing toys, blankets, food and the occasional tiff.
     I think I will have to do a mini church camp with them here at home.  A little Bible study, a little music, a few games.  The camp gave me a paper with devotions for each day that use the same Bible readings that the older two are using at camp.  I think Ben and Bekah will have fun doing what Matthew and Sarah are doing.


All American x5 said...

My oldest goes to church camp next week and then the other two go on July 24th.

It is always fun to listen to the conversations that take place!

Have a great week!

Vickie said...

This sounds like a wonderful idea! Have fun!