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Monday, June 28, 2010

Product Review Test

     Things are going to get pretty exciting around here.  As part of "The Old Schoolhouse" magazines product review crew, I have my first product to review.  I am reviewing the June module of The Schoolhouse Planner.  The June module is a mini-unit study all about geography.  We are pretty excited to be able to review it because we LOVE geography around our house.  We keep two maps up in our dining area, one of the world and one of the United States. For Christmas, my brother sent us a globe to replace ours that had broken from overuse.  Maybe it comes from being an Air Force family, but we have marked on our maps where we have lived, where friends, grandparents and cousins live and also routes to how we could get there if we were to visit.  Guam seems to be the most fun to visit because we would have to cross the Pacific Ocean.  Well, it is nice to dream about going. My product review is due by July 19th, so stay tuned to see how we used it and the fun we had.


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Cathlene said...

I love the maps on your wall. Actually, I love maps which Stuart thinks is funny as I am not the best at reading them! I look forward to hearing your review.
God bless