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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Matthew and Sarah

     After realizing that I only had pictures of Ben and Rebekah on my blog, I decided I needed to add Matthew and Sarah.  These two tend to avoid the camera, so I end up with pictures of only the younger two.  They had a great time at church camp. 
     We spent a wonderful day, going to church, then potluck (yum!), then taking the youth group to the sand dunes for a hike.  Wow! what a hike.  I will admit, that I did not make it to the top.  Even though I walk everyday, climbing sand dunes is hard.  Good thing some of the girls didn't want to go to the top either and I had a good excuse to stop.
     I was the substitute Sunday School teacher for the junior high class today.  The lesson was about Gideon.  What a fun lesson to teach.  Gideon, who was hiding from the Midianites to thresh his wheat, was chosen by God to lead His people.  Gideon then proceeded to question God's judgment, and God was patient with him.  Then, the Israelite's won the battle with only 300 men. God's awesome way of showing that He is in charge and not us.


All American x5 said...

Sounds like a great day.

Amish Paradise said...

Sarah's looking more and more like you, Jill. How tall is she now?

Jill said...

Sarah is now about 5'6 1/4". The quarter inch is very important to her because it means she is now officially taller than I am.