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Monday, August 26, 2013

Scaling Back

     I did some soul searching this summer and decided that I needed to scale back on some of my outside activities. For the past two years, it seems that I attended an activity every night of the week. The week went something like this:

    • Monday – Scouts
    • Tuesday – Chimes (for the kids) and Bells (for me)
    • Wednesday – Choir
    • Thursday – Karaoke
    • Friday – Cleaning houses three Fridays a month for extra money
    • Saturday – Youth Group (two a month)

     I decided that I needed a little more time at home in the  evenings. I don’t get school planning done. I don’t get blogging done. I don’t get sewing done. It just seems that I am running everywhere.

     I have been able to free up two nights a week. One night is because Matt received a new job so that he will not be working evenings anymore. This has freed up my Monday nights as he now has Scout duty. I also dropped Bell Choir. This was a hard decision, but I need another night that I do not have to be anywhere.

     My plan is to keep Monday nights for myself for sewing/craft projects. After supper when Matt, Sarah and Ben leave for Scouts I will have an hour and a half to sew. I have so many projects I want to get done, that it is going to be hard to narrow it down. But I am excited by the prospect of actually being able to work on and finish something.

     I am going to have to fight hard to not let new “busyness” creep in. But I am going to give it a shot.


Cristi said...

You are inspiring me to take a closer look at my schedule. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to carve out free nights, but surely there is some free blocks of time in there that I could set aside for myself.

Good luck sticking to your un-busy schedule!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jill you go girl always say gotta keep the mom's happy;))