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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Book Covers

Sarah started her junior year at Legacy Christian Academy this week. She came home with two hardcover books that needed book covers. I did not have any paper bags to make the covers, so my first thought was to make them out of fabric. But as I was walking out to look for fabric, something else caught my eye.

It was a flannel backed table cloth that we use as a drop cloth for when Rebekah is painting or Ben is practicing his calligraphy. I pick up these tablecloths for about a dollar or two when they go on sale at the end of seasons.

So I quickly decided to use two different patterns and make Sarah’s book covers out of them. I did not need to line the tablecloth since it had the flannel backing. My sewing machine had no problem sewing through the plastic. I thought they turned out great and Sarah really liked them as well.

Bookcover collage


MClark said...

Very nice.

Lisa said...

So much fun! I'm putting this in my idea book.