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Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally Settled

      I am back in action. The furniture has been delivered (well, almost all of it) and set up. The leaks in the faucets and drain have been fixed along with a new water heater installed. Starting next week, I am hoping life will fall into the start of a new routine.  I like routine and being unsettled for the past month and a half has been, well, unsettling. 

     Moving can be hard on all the people in the family. This move has, in my opinion, been the hardest on Sarah. There are times she is just her normal, fairly happy self. Then there are times she is in tears because she misses all her friends. At those times, I just sit and hold her (which can be quite a feat since she is two inches taller than I am). It will get better, but the process is not so much fun to go through.

     My plans for the coming week are to continue unpacking the boxes that are left in the garage, one box a day. I also need to figure out a new chore chart so the kids can get back to helping keep the house picked up. Then come the plans for when to start school and then getting ready for company to come and visit. We are getting very excited that Matt’s parents will be coming out to see us.

      My plans also include making sure I take the time to read aloud to Ben and Rebekah. I have not been able to join in the Read Aloud Challenge hosted by Debra at Footprints in the Butter, since I have not read any books out loud due to the move. But now that life has settled down a little, we can pick this up again.

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Vickie said...

Glad to hear you all are getting settled in. HUGS to Sarah. The girls say Sunday School is just not the same without her and Matthew.

We miss you all lots and if things work out right...shhh...we may make it down that way next summer :) (I'm not saying anything to the kids until we are a whole lot closer).