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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New House

     Getting used to a new house is always interesting. Unpacking and trying to find places for everything can be a big undertaking. This house has a smaller kitchen than the last one. I have had to arrange and re-arrange as I started cooking and working in it. I have had to store some of the larger appliances, crock-pots, griddle, waffle maker, in the garage on shelves. Not my first choice, but realistically the only choice.

     I love having a clothesline again. At over 100 degrees, clothes and towels do not take long to dry. In fact, it only took about an hour to dry jeans on the clothesline. And when it got breezy this afternoon and we hung our towels out, it only took them about 35-40 minutes to fully dry. I am very happy to be able to save on electricity by not running the dryer.  And I love the smell of clothes, towels, sheets that have been dried outside. They just smell so fresh.  An added bonus of hanging clothes is that I get a little bit more exercise by carrying the basket out, bending to pick up the clothes and stretching to hang them on the line.

     Now the fun part comes. Trying to find a workable solution for easy access to the school books and school supplies has been tough. I always strive to make the books we use everyday easy to access and just as importantly, easy to put away. When school is over for the day, I like to have all the books put away until tomorrow. The last house had a den that we used as a school room. This house does not. It is beginning to look like we will be doing “school in a box” again. Each kids gets a Rubbermaid tote to hold the books and workbooks that are needed on a daily basis. The only problem with the boxes is that they can collect junk and trash if we do not clean them out frequently.

     Time will tell where everything will fit. And as usual some things will be stored until I have the “house of my dreams” and can get them back out.

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Cathlene said...

Look at the garage storage this way: in January it won't be zero when you get the items out! Looking forward to our visit and also excited about it