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Thursday, August 11, 2011


     “Go by the still waters” “Now go to the archeological dig.'”  I overheard Ben giving these directions to Rebekah using their walkie-talkie's. I asked him what he was talking about and he said they were having a scavenger hunt. Ben had hidden some toys outside and was giving Rebekah clues so she could search for them.  When she found them, then Rebekah would hide the items again and it would be Ben’s turn to search. They had fun with this game for about 2 hours one afternoon.

     This new house has a huge built in sandbox in the backyard. Ben and Rebekah and even Sarah have spent hours digging in the sand. Ben calls it his “archeological dig” site and has found quite a few army men, matchbox cars and even doll dresses. Today they added some water to the sand and tried to make sand castles. I figure this sandbox is going to provide hours of fun.

     We also have visited the library. Rebekah found one of her favorite books. Watch Me Throw the Ball! by Mo Willems, starring Elephant and Piggie. This book is hilarious. In our family, the Elephant and Piggie books are so much fun because we can equate Ben to Gerald (the elephant) and Rebekah to Piggie. Rebekah likes to take these books with their very simple, yet funny dialogue and create puppet shows. Ben will hold the book for Rebekah and she will use her elephant and pig puppets and read the book making her puppets act out the lines.

Sarah's camera 81011 110

     There are so many ways that kids can use their imagination if given a chance. A little boredom can be a good thing for my kids. When they are bored, the imagination begins to soar and there is no telling what they will come up with.


Our Village is a Little Different said...

My boys took a while to develop imaginary play - like you, I love to listen to it. It's so true - "boredom" brings out the best in them, if they get up and move!
The puppets are cute - and so are the children!

Heather Lynn said...

I love giving my kids a chance to be "bored", you are right, they come up with the best things. Well, most of the time. Sometimes it is mischief they come up with, and that is not so good. :)

BY the way I am following you now, from the Crew. :)

Mary said...

The sandbox sounds like fun. I love listening to my little guy play with his cars and action figures. He comes up with the funniest stuff!

Giggly Girls said...

How cute are they?

And it is so true about boredom. I'm often amazed at what my kids come up with.

Jesse, said...

My SIL and I have a saying that boring is entirely too underated. We like boring - in our own life and for our kids. It's amazing what they come up with when they are "bored"!

Michelle said...

Great post, and SO true!

I love watching what my kids will come up when they are "bored", and when they end up playing together--that's an added bonus!

Jennifer said...

How fun! I love listening in at times like that, when the kids don't know they are being listened to.