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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Read Aloud Challenge–July 23, 2011

     Debra at Footprints in the Butter hosts a weekly Read Aloud Challenge. This has been a really fun, thought provoking challenge for me to follow.  Reading out loud is not only educational it is also a lot of fun.  Debra puts up her Read Aloud Challenge post on Thursdays.  Today is Saturday. So, yes, I am late this week. But I thought better late than never.

     How did we do reading aloud this past week. Well…..I read aloud 0 (yes, zero) times.  So obviously I did not do very well on the challenge this week. But, I do have extenuating circumstances to excuse myself. We moved last weekend.  My kids have been so excited to live with Grandma for a couple weeks they have not wanted to let me read to them. Although they do read to themselves everyday.

     Even though I did not have time to read aloud this past week, I would like to tell you how my kids have still been able to listen to books and stories being read aloud. When Matthew turned 18, he received a new i-pod for his birthday. His old one got passed down to Sarah, who then gave me her old one. Since I have an i-pod and I do not think Ben and Rebekah are ready for their own yet, I took it and thought about what should be done with it. Since I knew that moving 1100 miles would be a long car trip, I came up with what I can say was one of my better ideas, which worked perfectly. I sat while our packers were packing and downloaded all the Adventure in Odyssey CD’s into i-Tunes. Then I put all of them on the old i-pod we had. So I ended up with an i-pod that only has Adventure in Odyssey and Hank the Cowdog on it.  This was a lifesaver for the trip.

     My surprise on this trip was that Matthew was just excited about this “new” i-pod as Ben and Rebekah were.  Whenever he was driving he would have me turn on another Adventure or a Hank. He kept telling me how neat it was to have all these Adventure in Odyssey’s  in one place.    I love it when I can find something  that makes my oldest son happy!

     Don’t forget to visit Debra at Footprints in the Butter and find out what she has been reading . And thanks Debra for hosting this challenge, which can really make you think about how important it is to be reading a book  or two out loud.

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Debra said...

Well, I count the audiobooks as read aloud time sometimes... so you DID read aloud this week. Or rather, you hired someone to do it! :)

You are NOT late. I post on Thursdays because I rarely have a review due that day. YOU are free to post any day you want.

Thanks for joining in. I think reading aloud gives more educational advantages to our kids than, well, anything else we can do...