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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Power of a Book—Ben Style

     A couple of weeks ago I blogged about how Rebekah was affected by the reading of the book Owen. (You can read about that experience by clicking here.)

     Today it is Ben’s turn to be in the spotlight. On Thursday, Ben went to the library. One of the books he came home with is called The Dangerous Book for Boy’s. I can’t say he has been reading this book, it is more like devouring this book. All Thursday night, he lay pouring over this book, telling us little tidbits of information. On Friday morning, when I came downstairs, Ben was once again laying on the flooring reading the book. When I sent him up to get dressed for the day, he came down and told me he followed the advice in the book about what every boy needs in his pockets. It was a good thing he had cargo shorts on that day because when I asked what he had this is exactly what he told me. (I quickly opened my computer and started typing because it was too cute.)

Ben said, “I have:

One pencil

One pen—that works

two band aids

a pocket knife

a piece of paper

a handkerchief which is really a bandanna

a flash light

a compass with a magnifying glass attached..

A whistle (the book didn’t say I needed this, I just added it because it is fun.)

I decided that it would be best if I do not put the fish hooks in my pocket because they could poke and we live in a desert, so there is no lake to fish in.

I did not put in a box of matches, because I didn’t think you would let me, mom.

And I didn’t put in the needle and thread because, I thought it could poke me.”

     WOW! That is a lot for one skinny little boy to put in his pockets. And for the record, he kept all that stuff in both Friday and Saturday.

I love 9 year old boys, they are so much fun!

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Vickie said...

Donald has this book too. I'm not sure if it is so much dangerous for boys as it is so much for us moms LOL Sure keeps me on my toes :) Between Donald and Charile, it is never ending.....

Hey!!! I just saw your Followers flip to 100 while I was typing. Woohoo!!! Congratulations!