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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Power of a Story Book

     Today our family saw how a story book can affect a child. I read the book Owen by Kevin Henkes to Ben and Rebekah when they were 4 and 3. They both loved the book and we have read and re-read it many times. I think they both identified closely with the story. Both of them have loved a special blanket, just like Owen does in the book. Ben gave his blanket up a few years ago, but Rebekah still has “pink”, her special blanket.

     Over the years, Rebekah has acted out different scenes with her “pink” just like Owen. Today was the final ,most dramatic, Owen scene yet. Today, Rebekah cut her beloved “pink” into small squares, just like the end of the book.

     I, who can be very sentimental, was appalled at first. But then I realized it is Rebekah growing up. She doesn’t need the blanket like she did when she was younger. And then I realized I may be wrong. Rebekah was so excited that her blanket was in small pieces. She can now carry a part of her blanket everywhere she goes, because it can go in her pocket.

     What am I going to do with that girl? Who knows what she will come up with next?



Cathlene said...

Well titled, Jill. We can all think of books/stories that had an influence on our thinking. One good reason to choose reading materials wisely. Keep up the good work!
PS. Good thinking, Rebekah

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Awww, very nice post. So true about children's books and choosing wisely since they can shape our thoughts. I have read "Owen" to my girls many, many times, too! ;0) Only my middle daughter (3) has an attachment to a particular blanket, though. My other girls have a collection of stuffed animals.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Crew Mate! I'm following you now, too. I'm having some trouble with Blogger and the Follower option, so if it doesn't show up now, I'll stop by again later and retry.