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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blog News

     I wanted to thank Sarah. She sat with me this afternoon and helped me pick a new background for my blog. Then she patiently sat and helped pick out all the new colors for all the text and links.  It takes quite a bit of time to get it to look right. Then, just when you think it looks good, you ask another opinion (this time from Matt) and get more input on what color works well where.

      Now that soccer season is over, I have more time to put into my blog. It seems that when life gets busy, the first thing to be put aside is the blog (except for reviews). 

     About a year ago I started the ClarkClan Craziness blog.  I was trying out   for The Old Schoolhouse Magazines Review Crew and a blog was required.  It was nerve-wracking and intimidating for me.  Write things that other people would see? What if people didn’t like what I had to say?  It sure has been an interesting year!  I have found that I absolutely love reviewing different homeschool products.  It has been amazing to me, that after 10 years of homeschooling, I did not receive one product I already owned.  I found products I absolutely loved and have continued using, and conversely I found some that I decided were just not going to work for our family.

     Now the TOS Review Crew for 2010-2011 is winding down.  The last reviews will be out the end of May.  This fun, busy, tough, amazing year is just about over.  But I do not need to be too sad about this year coming to an end.  Why?  I was accepted and invited back to be a member of the TOS Review Crew for the 2011-2012 year!  I am very thankful and grateful to be asked to be on the Crew again.  So on this blog the reviews will continue to be the mainstay, but I am also going to try to branch out and try some new things.  I am definitely looking forward to this next year.


Pyratess said...

I like the new look Green looks good on you! :-) It is very pretty.

Cathlene said...

Nice going! I look forward to all your reviews and am very glad you will be continuing on for the next school year. God bless!