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Friday, May 6, 2011

Circle C Beginnings Book

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Series:          Circle C Beginnings

Title:       Andi’s Indian Summer Author:         Susan K. Marlow

Illustrator:   Leslie Gammelgaard

Publisher:     Kregel Publications

Age Range:   6-8 years

Price:             $4.99



About the Book

     Andi Carter is a six year old California girl living on a ranch in the late 1800’s.  Full of fun and mischief, Andi and her friend Riley explore the ranch and have a hand in training Taffy, a new pony for Andi.  Riley also shares a deliciously scary “dime novel” about Indian captives with Andi. During a trail ride, Andi and Riley get lost and are found by a Yokut Indian. Friend or foe? Is the story that Riley shared with Andi true or is it just make believe?

About the Series

     The Circle C Beginnings series contains four books with two more coming in August of 2011. The series is about Andi Carter, a six year old girl living in California in the year 1874. The series is designed for kids ages 6-8, with shorter chapters, easy to read text, and excellent illustrations.  


Book Extras

     Andi and her pony Taffy have their own website,  On this site you can find activity guides, coloring pages, online puzzles.  The activity guides are 20 pages long and include maps, dot to dot’s, vocabulary, writing, math, history, coloring, and crafts.  Eight coloring pages are also available for each book. These coloring pages are illustrations from the books. 


ClarkClan Thoughts and Opinions

     Andi’s Indian Summer was a runaway success in our house.  Rebekah was the one chosen to be the “tester” for this book. She is seven years old and reads well, but it is not her favorite subject. I knew this book was something special when Rebekah set her timer for 30 minutes for her silent reading time, and then re-set the timer for another 30 minutes to finish the book. This is unheard of in our house. When I asked her questions about the book, she was able to narrate the entire story back to me.  Rebekah was so enthusiastic about the book that her nine year old brother, Ben had to read it as well.  Both of them agreed that it was a good book and they would like to read more in the series. 

     After Rebekah finished reading the book, I printed off the activity guide for Andi’s Indian Summer.  We had a great time going through the guide together.  I liked the variety of activities offered. We took three days to go through the guide.  Some of the activities Rebekah did on her own, dot to dot, mapping, and fill in the missing letter puzzle.  Some of the activities we did together like the Venn diagram and the Yokut flood story.  I really appreciated the way the guides extended the use of this book.

How to Buy

      There are multiple ways to purchase The Circle C Beginnings series.

  •  Kregel Publications is offering 30% off the  $4.99 cost of the book until August 31, 2011. 
  • The author’s  Andi and Taffy website also offers the book. for $4.99 per book or $15.96 for all four. The neat thing about purchasing from this website is the  option to have the books personalized. 
  •  Amazon. com sells the books for $4.99 each.
  • carries the series for $4.49.

     I am not the only one who reviewed The Circle C Beginnings series. My Crew Mates were all sent different books in the series. Visit the Crew Blog to read what other bloggers thought about the books in this series.

As an Independent contractor for The Old Schoolhouse and member of TOS Homeschool Crew I received  a copy of  Andi’s Indian Summer for free from Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest review of their product.


Wendy R said...

Enjoyed your review. We had fun with Andi's adventures, too. I'm now following your blog; I hope you'll come follow mine, too.

Andi Carter said...

Loved your review! What a great idea to post samples. May I have permission to post that cute coloring page on my FB page? If so, just let me know by commenting on my blog or in the c-box over there. I'd love to share some real activities completed by kids.
Again, I appreciate your lovely review, especially the thoughts about the kids' reactions.

Vickie said...

Too funny that one of my girls also colored their pony yellow :) I didn't think to share any of the art work on my blog though.

My girls really love these books too. Donald even enjoyed the older series.