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Friday, June 17, 2011

New Dress Code

     As many of you know, my husband is retiring from  the Air Force. There are many changes associated with this career change that keep surprising us. One of the changes that seemed minor at first has become bigger than we thought.  It has to do with clothing.  For almost 23 years now, he has been told what to wear. Most of his career it was his BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform) and then the Air Force changed to ABU’s (Airman Battle Uniform) or his Air Force Dress Blues. Now he will have to pick out something different to wear each day.

     Matt  has never been one to worry too much about the clothes he wears. He has to wear a uniform to work, that is easy. After work it is just basically jeans,a t-shirt and tennis shoes or cowboy boots . He only started wearing a dress shirt, tie, and sport coat a few years ago when the church we were attending asked him to be an Elder.  He still only wears his “dress up” clothes on the days he is duty Elder, other wise it is back to his casual look.

     Within a week, Matt will be starting a new job. He called to ask what he was supposed to wear. She told him “business casual”. She also let him know that while they would be changing to a polo shirt (provided) and khaki pants, they are not there yet.  I looked over all his clothes and found he really only has one pair of pants and about two maybe three shirts that would work for “business casual”.   He will also need a pair of nice looking, but comfortable, shoes. Combat boots just will not work anymore.

      So today, we get to do something Matt really does not like to do. We get to go shopping for new pants and a few new shirts.  I figure he will need about three pair of khaki pants and about five to seven shirts total. ( I am hoping to win a nice Lands End polo shirt from Tim over at Families Again. Click on his blog name and you can enter his giveaway as well.)   We should have a good day. We are only taking Ben and Rebekah with us and have promised to take them out to lunch, which is a big treat.  To shopping we go. Let’s hope for sales!


Anonymous said...

We had the same struggles after getting out of the Coast Guard. (Hubby and I were both in). I think we must have missed out of the early 20's swing of acquiring a wardrobe or any amount of taste or style. ;) We find ourselves wearing alot of blue. . . . ;) Stopping by for the New Crew Year Hello!!!

HillaryM said...

My husband works construction--jeans and T-shirts everyday. He has dress clothes for Sunday that are a step down from a suit, but not casual at all. His latest job requires collared shirts and khaki pants--for construction. He comes home filthy, but they want this wardrobe. Ugh! I have enjoyed the shopping--not so much with him. ;) He changes as soon as he gets home. Hee hee. Praying the transition is an easy one for him--both from a wardrobe standpoint and from the job change.

(I am stopping by from the Crew, too!)