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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Read Aloud Challenge–June 30, 2011

     Today is Thursday, time to join Debra from Footprints in the Butter for her Read Aloud Challenge.  This week Ben, Rebekah and I were able to finish reading Little House in the Big Woods.

     When we read out loud, I allow Ben and Rebekah to do quiet activities. Today, Rebekah was drawing pictures and Ben was playing with a few Legos. I glanced up during the chapter called “Harvest” and noticed that both of them had stopped their activities and were just staring at me. We had come to the part of the story in which Laura’s cousin does not want to work in the fields. He was being very naughty and deceptive with the end result being very painful yellow jacket stings.  I stopped after this chapter for a few moments and we had quite the discussion on obedience, working even when you don't want to, and of course how much we don’t like wasps.

     Since we have finished the Little House book, we are going to start another favorite of mine, Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  This book choice came about because we saw a preview of the new movie based on it coming out.  Now I can not authoritatively say the movie is not going to be like the book, but I have great suspicions that it won’t be anything like it. (as well as I do not like who is playing the main character) So, I thought we might want to read the book because in my opinion, the book is always better.

     I have fond memories of Mr. Popper’s Penguins. I remember reading it when I was a child. Then I read it aloud to Matthew and Sarah, who both loved it. Ben read the book on his own last year and Rebekah has not read it at all, but I imagine she will love it just as much as everyone else. They are very excited to get started on it tomorrow.

     Are you reading books out loud to your children? If you are, or want to start, join Debra at Footprints in the Butter and share your book choices.


Rebecca said...

Stopping by to hunt for your read alouds...I need to update and link mine...will have to wait until next week, though! Blessings (thank you for not making her too difficult to find...gave me more time to respond and read your posts!)

Jennifer said...

Just looking for Edna and wanted to say Hi, I'm a newbie on the TOS crew and to your blog!
We read a lot too and 2 years ago we did the Prairie Primer homeschool curriculum with Little House on the Prairie and my kids were upset with the same part of the book, they also couldn't believe that kids were sent to the woodshed for a whipping. We have never read Mr Popper's penguins but my daugter has been wanting so the movie. I told her she has to read the book first and then I will take her and we can discuss the differences. Which means I'll be reading the book too!

Lisa said...

THanks for hosting Edna! Following you from the Crew