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Friday, January 21, 2011


Online Spanish Language learning videos.
Target age range 2-10
Features songs, animations, and puppets
Real Spanish children in real Spanish speaking countries
Activity sheets
$7.50 per month through PayPal

Standout Features for our Family
  • Repetitive – Each video follows the same format
  • Catchy, Easy to Sing Songs
  • Cute puppets
  • Can watch either on the computer or through the Nintendo Wii
  • Closed Captioning available
  • Multiple Activity sheets available with each video
  • Engaging kids, fun to watch
  • Easy to use, Log in and you are ready to learn

Ben’s Observations:
     I really liked when Speekee sang and played the saxophone. My favorite was Lupi and Dino. I liked that I learned to speak a bit of Spanish.
Speekee dino and Lupi

Rebekah”s Observations
I liked the songs for everything. I liked when Speekee asked “Que hay en la bolsa?” I really liked it when he had a plastic ice cream cone in the bag. I liked learning to speak Spanish.
Speekee bolsa

Mom’s Observations:
     To be perfectly honest, when I watched Speekee for the first time by myself to see what the program was all about, I wasn’t sure how my kids would like it.  They have come to LOVE Speekee. I think it helps that my kids like both music and puppets. Rebekah (7) is a puppet fanatic right now, so Speekee is right up her alley. She has been fascinated from the first episode, both with learning the language and with speculations on what type of puppet Speekee is.
       We have watched some episodes more than once or twice, learning more each time. I am really surprised at how Ben (9) and Rebekah have both picked up on the Spanish language taught in these videos. They use it with each other, they use it with me and they try to teach their older brother and sister what they are learning. It is so much fun when Ben comes up to me and asks “May I have a manzana, por favor” (apple, please) and when I answer “Si” (yes) I get a cheery “Gracias!” (thank you) to which I reply “De nada”  (you’re welcome) . They have also picked up on a little bit of Spanish culture in that they try to greet me and each other with a kiss on each cheek.
     I think it is hilarious to watch Ben and Rebekah while they are watching Speekee. They giggle and laugh at funny things like him playing the saxophone and eating fake food. At the end of each episode Speekee has something in his “la bolsa” (bag) and they try to guess what it will be. 
Speekee screenshot
     It helped me that Speekee has closed captioning. I took Spanish in high school and college. I do not speak it, but being able to read the captions really brought back some things I learned, which I then could use when speaking with Ben and Rebekah. 
     I realize that Speekee is a program based out of Great Britain. As such, I was a little concerned about the accent. I had visions of my American kids learning to speak Spanish with a British accent. But after using the videos I realized I do not need to  worry about the accent. The Speekee website states that the videos are filmed in Spain with real Spanish speaking children. So if they learn any accent it would be a proper accent from Espana.  Also, when I was taught Spanish, I was told it was Latin American Spanish. This program is based in Spain. After some thought, I realized that my children learning Spanish as it is spoken in Spain, is no different than when I lived in England. I could understand the language with just a few words with different meanings or usages that had to be quickly explained. I did not find it to be a big problem and found it fun to learn about a culture a little different from my own. Anyway, the Spanish taught on the ten Speekee videos is basic so I do not feel this is an issue.
     The only thing we found that we did not like: THERE ARE ONLY TEN VIDEOS.  Ben and Rebekah both wanted to watch more.
     As skeptical as I was when I first watched, I found we really enjoyed these videos. This was a great introduction into speaking Spanish.  This is a fabulous family learning program as all ages and ability levels can watch and learn together.
     Visit the Speekee website to learn more about the program and to sign up for the online version.  There is a DVD set available, but the DVD’s are in the PAL (European) format and they will only work on a DVD player that will play both PAL and NTSC (American) format.
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As an Independent contractor for The Old Schoolhouse and member of TOS Homeschool Crew I received a two month subscription to Speekee for free in exchange for my honest review of their product.


Vickie said...

Great review. It is cute you posting a video of Ben and Rebekah :) Tiffany on down (except Charlie) really enjoyed Speekee. They'll have to practice with each other at church hehe

Laura O in AK said...

My boys are enjoying Speekee as well. I wish I'd posted a video of my youngest 'singing' with Speekee.

Dropping by as part of my 'crawl' through the TOS Crewmate blogs.

SisterTipster said...

Great review~I've given you an award~Stylish Blogger Award!

Head over to to pick it up!

Have a blessed day!

Laura said...

I love your review style! Your blog is so beautiful, too :-)

Jim said...

Hi Jill, Yours is a lovely review of Speekee TV and it helps me get a better picture of what in the program works best for children. For example, when you talk about Rebekah and Ben guessing what Speekee has in her bag. (This is what we were hoping for when this part of the program was designed). Love to you all from Spain. Say ¡Hola! to the kids from me, Jim - the one in Speekee

Jim said...

Oh! I hadn't spotted the video of Ben and Rebekah speaking Spanish. Brilliant accents! Jim