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Friday, January 7, 2011


     See-N-Read® Reading tools are handy little devices that help struggling readers of all ages to focus better. The idea for this reading tool was originally developed by Dr. Sylvia R. Smith to help her youngest daughter overcome some early reading difficulties. The See-N-Read reading tools came into being years later as Dr. Smith’s oldest daughter was a teacher and asked her mother to make some of these tools to use in her classroom. The products I received are tools that have been thoroughly researched and developed to help everyone discover the joy of reading.

     The See-N-Read company describes the tool as:

See-N-Read's clear reading window (ReadBar™) is surrounded by a non-glare tinted transparent finish, allowing readers to see text in "chunks" instead of as individual words. This controlled visibility helps readers to focus on the information being read in the clear ReadBar™ while simultaneously tracking ahead to upcoming information using peripheral vision (or reviewing prior information while keeping their place by glancing from the ReadBar™ to the above tinted area of the See-N-Read®). Unlike opaque tracking devices, See-N-Read® enables smooth line-to-line transitions without stopping. "Chunks" of information remain visible without distracting the reader from the current text, thus improving fluency and comprehension.

Visit the See-N-Read Reading Tools website by clicking on the banner below to read all the product specifications and research behind the products. It is very interesting and informative.


There are multiple See-N-Read reading tools. They include:

snr_book_size See-N-Read® Reading Tools - Book Size

1-pack -  $2.99

For multiple pricing  go to See-N-Read® Reading Tools



See-N-Read® Reading Tools - Document Size

1- pack – $3.49

For multiple pricing  go to See-N-Read® Reading Tools


See n read memory mark

See-N-Read® MemoryMark™ - Book size

1-pack – $2.99

For multiple pricing go to See-N-Read® MemoryMark™ Reading Tools


See n read memory mark document size

See-N-Read® MemoryMark™ - Document size

1-pack –$2.99

For multiple pricing go to See-N-Read® MemoryMark™ Reading Tools


see n read e version

eSee-N-Read™ electronic Reading and Instruction Tool for PCs


For system requirements go to eSee-N-Read™ electronic Reading and Instruction Tool for PCs


What We Thought:


     For my daughter Rebekah, who is 7, the See-N-Read tools were a help to her reading. She reads well, but struggles to keep from skipping lines when reading chapter books. I would have her read a page to me without the See-N-Read and then a page with the See-N-Read.  Her reading ability was greatly enhanced when she used the tool. She read more fluently and did not skip lines, ever. I liked that the tool was extremely easy to use. Just place it on the page and she was off and reading.

     I did find that if your child has no reading difficulties the product can be a bit cumbersome. Ben, who is 9, wanted to use it and then found that it slowed his reading down.

     For the eSee-N-Read I was the one that primarily used it.  I found it to be helpful for applications that involved reading a large amount of text on the screen.  When reading long blog posts, or eBooks on my computer, I really liked the way it kept my place.  I liked that the eSee-N-Read was very user friendly and easy to adapt to my preferences.  I could change the size of the ReadBar, I could make the tool larger or smaller depending on what  I needed to read.

      There are many different applications where this tool would be very useful. My husband is taking college classes on-line. He uses a two monitor set up and this tool is very effective in keeping his place on one monitor with his research material while he looks at the other monitor to type his papers. It saves time by keeping his place on the screen so he does not have to search for where he was reading last.

     I also used the eSee-N-Read to help Ben and Rebekah focus on the computer screen.  There are some studies where we look up vocabulary on the internet and they copy the work and meaning. The eSee-N-Read was extremely helpful to focus their attention exactly where I wanted it.

    I was also the one to use the Memory Mark tool.  I primarily used it with my bible to be able to quickly and easily underline verses. I liked that that  it was easy to store in my bible, like a bookmark and that my underlining was straight and even. I liked it so much  I am planning on getting a few for my son who will be starting college soon and for my husband for his studies now.

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As part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew I received a packet of three See-N-Read reading tools and a trial version of the eSee-N-Read for free in exchange for my using and reviewing their products. The opinions expressed are my honest review of the products received.

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