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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Venture

I am beginning a new venture. Most times when I am making a decision, I think about it, I talk it over, probably ad nauseum, with people. I think about it some more and then I decided to do it. This time, I did nothing of the sort. I just went for it.

So what is this big momentous decision. Simply, I am going to sell Lilla Rose. Lilla Rose is a company that sells Flexi-Clip hair clips along with a few other hair accessories. I had seen these clips online last Fall. I thought they were beautiful and sounded good but not knowing anybody who sold them personally, I did not want to order something I wasn’t sure was going to work. On Monday, I went to the last hour of the Cottonwood Festival here in town. I almost walked by one of the booths when the name Lilla Rose caught my eye and it hit me that those were the hair clips I wanted to try. Well, I ended up spending more than I usually spend to get several of the clips that Sarah, Bekah and I really liked.

That evening, Sarah and I are looking through the catalog, finding different clips we liked and it was mentioned that maybe I should become a consultant. Because there are no minimum quotas that I will need to meet and it is perfectly acceptable to be a “casual” consultant, I decided to become one. So now I am an Independent Consultant for Lilla Rose. You can visit my website at

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