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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Complaint Letter

I wrote to a fast food restaurant today. I wrote to Carl’s Jr. to let them know how disappointed in their company I am. I am disappointed because the ad they placed on the radio contains a swear word. I do not feel this is appropriate and I told them so.

I realize that I am just one person, but it made me feel better to tell them that I am upset. Because they only allow 200 words on their comments section, I did not get to tell them how we went to a different restaurant because I was not going to support their advertising.

This is not the first time I have written a company to both complain and compliment. One time I wrote the Arby’s in town to tell them how we ate at their restaurant and everyone ended up sick with a stomach bug.  One time I wrote to Olive Garden because the waiter we had overcharged us and Olive Garden sent me a $40 gift card along with a very nice letter. There was a time Matt emailed Arby’s in El Paso. We stopped in before picking someone up from the airport who was coming in late. The music was a Christian station and very nice and relaxing. So we let them know we appreciated it. We received a very nice e-mail from the area manager who thanked us for the nice letter. She said she picks the music for her area restaurants and she appreciated knowing that we liked it.

I may not get anything from my letter to Carl’s Jr., I do not expect anything. I just wanted to let them know I did not like their use of foul language in their advertising.

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Joy Capps said...

I'm not familiar with that restaurant but you did the right thing! So many times I wish that I would have either sent a letter of complaint or a letter saying how well I thought someone was doing. This spring we went to a local Cracker Barrel and the service was SO BAD. I sent a letter and we received a voucher for a free meal for our whole family. When we went back the service was EXCELLENT...which is what we have always had there in the past until that time. Your post reminds me to send a follow up about how good the service was when we went back.