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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bedtime Writings

Rebekah has trouble going to sleep at night. This is not a new thing, in fact, she has been this way since pretty much about 2 years old. She just never seems to “shut down” at night. We have tried many, many things. Melatonin works the best. But lately, she has decided she does not want to take it. Since I have had conflicting advice from Dr.s, I said ok.

What I have noticed is that she does still have trouble shutting down. She gets out of bed, she gets a drink, she comes out to ask questions. . . then when she knows she is pushing my limits, she will stay in her room. Not that she goes to sleep, but that she starts doing quiet activities. She will dress her dolls, or do their hair. She will color pictures while listening to her I pod. She will read books (this from the girl who fights me during school that she hates to read is reading chapter books at night.) And then I found out she is writing stories.


If I were to assign her to write a story for school, she would fuss, cry, whine, anything to get out of it. So I was pleasantly shocked to find out she has been writing at night. She showed me a story. She asked me to correct her spelling, which amazingly enough there were only four misspelled words. This is amazing for Rebekah. And, then she re-wrote the story on the big pad of paper I bought at the clearance sidewalk sale at Wal-Mart.

It is interesting to me to read her stories. This one is about our puppy Nutmeg. Rebekah writes like she talks, sometimes a new thought will just pop up  out of no where. But the story is coherent. It is informative. The handwriting is nice. Most of all, it is written without any fussing or fighting. I love it.



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