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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Classroom? What Classroom?


Today for the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop we are talking about classrooms. We have lived in many houses over the past eleven years. They have been many sizes and layouts. We have learned to use what we have as well  as how to overcome space challenges.

The house we are in now is about 1500 square feet with three bedrooms. There is one largish living room, a small eating area and a miniscule kitchen. We do not have a separate room to school in, so school takes place in the living/dining areas and occasionally a bedroom.

I have a two bookcases in the living room, one is  for reading books and one is for our school books. We only keep the school books that we are actively using in that book case. The rest are stored in the garage.  On top of the bookcase are daily school supplies such as pens and pencils, a pencil sharpener, a basket of glue, tape, paper clips etc.

In my garage, I have set up shelves that hold Bankers Boxes. Inside the Bankers boxes are all the schoolbooks that I want to keep. I have each Sonlight Core program divided and labeled into one or two boxes. Extra math  and science programs are stored in those Bankers Boxes waiting for Ben and Rebekah to use them.

Daily schoolwork is done in the living/dining room. I do not allow Ben and Rebekah to do their school work in their bedrooms. I want to know what they are doing and be able to answer questions. Rebekah is easily distracted and I can keep her on task better if I can see her. The only subject I will allow Ben and Rebekah to do in their rooms is silent reading.

Sarah is allowed to do some of her schoolwork in her bedroom. Because Ben and Rebekah are in the living room, I allow Sarah to do any subject that does not require the computer in her bedroom. If she needs to use the computer, she has to be in the living/dining room area. We do not allow anyone under 18 to use a computer in their bedroom. (We only have laptops.)

The last place we will do our schoolwork is outside. I learned a long time ago that the kids all liked to be outside while doing school. But in Montana and then Idaho there were not many school days that were conducive to being outside. Now that we live in New Mexico, where the sun shines consistently we go outside for school frequently. Being outside helps Rebekah and her distractibility. I would think she would be more distracted outside, but it has a calming effect on her.  We use our outdoor table with the sun umbrella up. I can hang clothes while they are working, which works out well.

I know when we finally buy our own house, our school routine will change again. But we have learned to be content in whatever school space we have. I tell people a smaller space just makes us a closer family.

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Stefanie said...

We enjoy schooling outside too but we haven't been able to at all this year. It's just been way to hot. =o(

Anonymous said...

"I tell people a smaller space just makes us a closer family."

Very nicely said! :-)

Taunya Richards said...

I tell people a smaller space just makes us a closer family.