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Friday, August 10, 2012

Bubble Fun


We have had the best time recently making giant bubbles. I saw the idea on the internet and decided it would be a fun activity to do with the church youth group. So I gave my dad the instructions and he made the “wands” for us.  Sarah, Ben, Rebekah and I have all had a blast learning how to make these. Through trial and error we have discovered the bubble solution that works the best for us.


We made our own homemade bubble solution. It works okay, but not great. Then we used store bought bubble solution. It worked okay, but not great. Then Sarah got the idea to dip the string into the homemade solution and then into the store bought solution and then try to make the bubbles. This works the best for us. We get fairly large bubbles that do not pop easily. Today instead of dipping twice, I mixed the two solutions in one bowl and it seemed to work well.

Bubble Collage 2

This has been a fun thing to do this week. It has taken patience and persistence to learn how to do it, but it has been worth it. Sarah and I can’t wait until Sunday when we are going to teach the youth group how to make giant bubbles.

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