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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Math Essentials–No-Nonsense Algebra & Geometry



No Nonsense Algebra is a complete Algebra I program. In 10 chapters, No-Nonsense Algebra covers all concepts of Algebra I. A corresponding video is available online for every lesson in the book. Each lesson includes: topics explained in an easy to understand manner, examples with step-by-step solutions, written exercises, a review section, and a helpful hints section.

Short concise lessons mean no fluff and no distractions. Each topic is explained so the student can easily understand. Many examples are presented with fully explained step-by-step solutions. Tests and and a final exam are included to allow students to measure progress.

The program was designed and written by Richard W. Fisher. He was a fifth and sixth grade math teacher for over 30 years. His students consistently bypassed the 7th grade program and went directly to  8th grade Algebra. Rick designed all his math books for elementary, Jr. High, and even High School students who need extra math help. The program takes approximately 20 minutes a day and compliments all basic math text books.

ClarkClan Experiences

Sarah (15) has used this book for the review period. She completed Algebra I this past Spring, but was able to use this book as a good review of concepts over the summer. Sarah’s opinion of No-Nonsense Algebra was that it was true to its name. She liked that the lessons were not long and drawn out but short and to the point.  If she was having trouble remembering a concept, she could access the online video lessons using a code in the back of the book. 

Sarah found the videos to be adequate and concise. The videos feature a white board format, no teacher is seen, just heard. According to Sarah, the teacher had a pleasant voice, no quirks or accents that were distracting.



Mastering Essential Math Skills are  workbooks designed to increase understanding of basic math skills.  In 20 minutes a day  this book series helps students master the exact topics recommended for Algebra readiness. No fluff or side topics to distract and confuse students.  Review is included in each lesson allowing students to both master and reinforce math skills.

ClarkClan Experiences

Ben (10) was able to give the Mastering Essential Math Skills: Geometry workbook at try. He has not been exposed to many geometry concepts yet, but he had no trouble completing pages in the workbook.

Each page in the workbook follows the same pattern. It begins with 6 review problems. Then a short Helpful Hints section. The main lesson includes two samples problems to be worked with the teacher, then 7 problems to work independently. A final Problem Solving section gives one word problem to be solved.

This has been a good book for Ben to work through. The book says the lessons can be completed in 20 minutes a day. We found, for the most part, that this was accurate. It may take longer if mom is busy and can’t answer questions immediately. The answers are in the back of the book, which I have appreciated.

Many members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew reviewed various Math Essential  books. Click on the banner below to read what their experiences have been.


Disclaimer:  As an Independent contractor for The Old Schoolhouse and member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I received No-Nonsense Algebra and Mastering Essential Skills Geometry, for free from Math Essentials in exchange for my honest review of their product.  All opinions given are mine and/or my children’s.

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