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Friday, July 20, 2012

Have Lyrics, Will Use Them

My kids have this uncanny ability to remember movie and audio book lines.  It seems to be a Clark Family tradition to belt out movie lines or song lyrics at appropriate, and sometimes, non-appropriate times.

Last week Sarah was able to repeat lines from one of her favorite movies Cool Runnings . We were on a trip with other youth from church and were visiting Disneyland.  On the Matterhorn ride, in which you ride in bob sleds. Sarah climbs in the back and in her best “Sanka” voice says “Oh, the back is nice.” The she proceeded to ask her brother if he wanted to “kiss the lucky egg”.

Matthew immediately knew the movie she was quoting and shot back with the next line from the movie. “I ain’t kissin, no  egg”.

Last week, I was talking to Ben about things that need to be done that day. He looked at me and sweetly said, “What does she know, she’s just a mom.” and in the next breath said, “If they’re not around to say no, it means yes.”

I just looked at him and laughed.  He said, “It comes from Drover’s Secret Life, Mom”

Drover’s Secret Life is a book by John Erikson in his Hank the Cowdog Series. Ben has been listening to the audiobook version and tried some of the lines out on me.  Just following Clark family tradition.

My kids tell me that I have a song lyric for everything. I love to use song lyrics to get my message across. It makes my kids laugh, roll their eyes and have fun. When they were smaller I would sing , “I wanna hold your hand” before I needed to hold hands to cross the street.

I think it makes our family stronger to have this tradition . It helps us through tense times by providing a lighter mood. It also enhances the good times. We can really get to laughing together.

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