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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Homeschool Spanish Academy

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(This review is tailored towards the Early Learner program using a 2 to 1 student to teacher ratio.)

  • Online Spanish Lessons from a native speaker.
  • Early Language program Ages 5-12 (other age groups also available)
  • Material, exercises, and content tailored to each individual child.
  • Instruction available as  one on one or two on one .
  • Free Trial lesson available on the Homeschool Spanish Academy website.


HSA 2 on 1 pricing

HSA 1 on 1 pricing

About the Program

I was a little skeptical when I received word I would be given the opportunity to review Homeschool Spanish Academy. It scared me to think about being on camera and how my children would do talking to a person in their  computer. I wondered if my computer, (which is a new Windows 7) would work. I wondered how I would manage to be home at the exact time every week.

All my fears were unfounded. To begin with, Ron Fortin, the founder of Homeschool Spanish Academy, called me and we did a technical check. He made sure that all my equipment was working correctly and if I had any questions he could answer.

The instructor we were  assigned was named Rosa. She was extremely friendly and personable. I was impressed how she worked with both kids at one time. She made sure that Ben and Rebekah both took turns and that one child was not overshadowing the other. I thought she did an excellent job.

Scheduling was no problem. Instead of a set time each week, Homeschool Spanish Academy uses an online program called Schedulicity. It is very simple to log in, pick your instructor and see the times available. Then you pick the time you would like, and the appointment is scheduled. I liked this aspect of the program, being able  to schedule Spanish lessons around our busy life.

About 15 minutes before each lesson, I would receive an email from the instructor. Within this email would be a file containing the lesson for that week. I would open it up and print two copies for Ben and Rebekah to use during class.

We even learned what would happen if an instructor was sick for a scheduled class. When Rosa was sick one time, another instructor emailed the lessons and Ben and Rebekah did the class with her. I was impressed with the way it was handled, not canceling, but finding a substitute.

ClarkClan Observations

Ben (10) and Rebekah (8) were the two in our family that used the Early Language program from Homeschool Spanish Academy. They would sit at the computer together with their print outs of the lesson for the day. They would answer the Skype call and lessons would begin immediately. Rosa, their instructor, would greet them, then go over the lesson with them. They would review from the week before, then work on the lesson for that day. Rosa would go over the lesson, gently correcting, when needed. She was very friendly and personable.

The first lesson was a little awkward, but as Ben and Rebekah became more comfortable with the format and talking to the screen, they opened up. Both of them eagerly looked forward to the lessons. They would also try and use what they were learning throughout the week.


I would highly recommend Homeschool Spanish Academy. I urge you  to check out their website and read about the programs as well as the about us section.  I have been highly impressed with this program, more so than I ever imagined.

I reviewed the Early Learner program with a 2 to 1 student to teacher ratio. There are also programs available for Middle School, High School and Adults. Visit the Crew Blog by clicking on the banner below to read reviews for other age groups.


Disclaimer:  As an Independent contractor for The Old Schoolhouse and member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I received half a semester, 7 lessons, for free from Homeschool Spanish Academy in exchange for my honest review of their product.  All opinions given are mine and/or my children’s.

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