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Friday, January 27, 2012

Snow Fun

 2012-01-24 13.46.17

    My kids miss the snow. After living for 8 years in two different states where snow falls in the winter, then moving to New Mexico where snow is rare, my kids will play in snow any chance they get. Here in WI there is snow. According to locals, there is not a lot of snow. But, to my kids, it is snow none-the-less and they are ready to play. 

2012-01-24 13.50.34

     We walked down to a little park in the village and went sledding down the snow pile left by the snow plows. Not exactly the perfect place to sled, but we made it work. Even mom went down the sled a couple times. Going straight down the side of this pile, then the big bump at the bottom was not really my idea of fun, but the kids were thrilled I would go. The first time I went down, I had to sit at the bottom for a minute and make sure that I was going to be all right. The jolt I received at the bottom was quite severe. I am very thankful I was not sore the next day. Then I got the bright idea that maybe we should try the sled going face first instead of sitting upright. Bad idea. Sarah tried it and hit a big clump of snow at the bottom that knocked the breath out of her. After laying there a few moments gasping, she was up and ready to try it again.  We quickly decided face first was not a good idea.

2012-01-24 14.05.25

     Rebekah had fun making snow angels. Ben also tried his hand at making snow angels, then Sarah got in on the act.

     Back here at home, Sarah and Rebekah were told to go shovel the driveway. They did, then proceeded to sculpt a “couch” out of a snowbank. I thought it turned out really great. I even put on my snowpants and sat on it with Rebekah for about 10 minutes. Tomorrow they plan to sculpt a flat screen TV to go along with the couch.

2012-01-26 17.20.062012-01-26 17.20.25

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