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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fashion Show

. The first two days of our arrival in Wisconsin, I spent the afternoons at the hospital. We worked on our school work in the mornings and then when I left Ben and Rebekah were able to play with all the “new to them” toys in Grandma’s playroom.

     Rebekah was fascinated by the dress up clothes she found along with the accessories of hats and jewelry.  She came up with the idea of holding a fashion show for Grandma when she came home from the hospital. Sarah became the backstage hand and script writer. Ben was the narrator and commercial entertainment during dress changes.

     They spent two afternoons working on this project. Rebekah picked out the outfits, Sarah wrote up the descriptions of each outfit. Ben, as the narrator, read the descriptions. Then Ben told jokes and played the drums for our entertainment.  When they performed their masterpiece, the practice they put into it was evident. What a fun way to welcome Grandma home from the hospital.

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2012-01-20 15.57.32-1

2012-01-20 15.55.05-1

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2012-01-20 16.01.55-1

2012-01-20 16.06.54-1

2012-01-20 16.09.51-1

2012-01-20 16.13.05-1

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Anonymous said...

Truely a blessing to have them there to welcome their grandma home from the hospital. What a special day for them.