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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time Timer


About the Product

     The Time Timer is a timer designed to show the passage of time in a visual, concrete manner. As time counts down, the red goes away. A quick glance shows how long is left, even for kids who can’t tell time yet.

     The Time Timer was developed by Jan Rogers as she searched for a way for her inquisitive four year old to understand the concept of time. Since its conception the Time Timer has found many different applications beyond just teaching young children. 

     Educators have used the Time Timer in the classroom with great effect. Teachers can teach the concept of time or train their students to use their time wisely using the Time Timer. Tracking the duration of activities is simple, just a quick glance can show how much longer before time is up.   Special Education teachers have also used the Time Timer to give guidance for individuals with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Dyslexia.  

     Business’s have used the Time Timer to help keep meetings running smoothly and on time. It can help a presenter keep their presentations on target as they can see at a glance how much time they have left. Adults with time management issues can keep one at their desks to help keep them on track.

    In normal everyday life the Time Timer can help parents keep track of things like TV watching time. Setting this on the top of the piano can keep practice time on track. It can be set to show how much longer till dinner, or till dad comes home from work. Then kids can look at the timer and know the answer without having to ask “is it time yet?” again and again.

Product Specifications


Sizes:  The Time Timer is available in 3 different sizes. 3”, 8” and 12”.  The 3” inch size is portable and has an attached cover that doubles as a stand.  The 8” and 12” models are free standing or can be wall mounted. All three models have an optional audible signal.

Other products: Using the same concept as the original timers, Time Timer offers other products as well. Watches offer all the benefits of the Time Timer on your wrist. iPhone and iPod Touch Apps are available. Time Timer software lets you install a Time Timer on your computer which can “float” above other applications to help you manage your computer time.


  • 3” – $30.00
  • 8” – $35.00
  • 12” – $40.00
  • Watches – $40.00
  • iPhone and iPod Touch App – $1.99
  • Time Timer Software – $24.00

All products are available from

ClarkClan Experience



     The Time Timer has been a wonderful asset to our school day. We have been a timer using family for quite a few years now. I discovered years ago that Rebekah, who is  8, responds very well to the use of a timer instead of mom telling her when time is up. It just seems to be a concrete way for her random thoughts mind to know when time is up. 

     We use the Time Timer for many, many different activities. We use it to count down how much time is left until school work will start. I require 30 minutes of silent reading daily. The Time Timer has been wonderful for this time. I can set Rebekah up in her reading spot with the timer right beside her. No more getting up to see “how much time is left”. She can just glance over to check.

     I also use it as a motivator to finish her task. I will set the timer for 30 minutes, then tell her to start her math worksheet. She will then work to “beat the clock”. When she is finished, she is allowed the time that is left on the timer for free time. We have had great success in helping Rebekah focus on a task when it becomes a challenge. A worksheet that can take her up to 45 minutes, when no motivation is given, becomes a 10 –15 minutes process when she is being timed. 

     I like that the timer makes no ticking noises during operation. It is silent while it is counting down. This is a huge plus for us, because Rebekah is easily distracted by noises, especially repetitive sounds like a normal timer makes. She can become almost frantic with a regular tic,tic, tic of a dial timer, so to have this battery operated quiet timer was wonderful.

    I also liked the portability of the timer. We reviewed the 3” timer and I liked that it  could move around wherever it was needed.  Because of the cover on the 3” model it is also easy to put in my purse and take when we are at piano lessons and finishing school work while waiting. 

    I am also very interested in the Time Timer software. I am thinking about ordering this for our computers. Not only will it help Rebekah, but every member of the family will benefit.


     I only had one small complaint with the Time Timer. The audible alarm is very quiet. While I appreciate not having a loud, jarring ring, the two beeps were very soft and we occasionally missed them.  Rebekah would at times not hear the beep, and then be a little upset that she worked past the time needed.


     I was not the only one to review Time Timer products. Read what other members thought of the physical timer as well as the iPad app on the Crew Blog.

As an Independent contractor for The Old Schoolhouse and member of TOS Homeschool Crew I received a 3” Time Timer for free  from Timer Timer, in exchange for my honest review of their product.

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Lisa said...

I have one daughter who really likes timers & would probably like this but I also have a daughter who would freak out whenever we used a timer. I guess she felt rushed.