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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tag, Your It

Last week I was tagged by All American Family.  This consists of answering a few questions and then tagging someone else to answer questions.  Thanks for tagging me.

     Now for the questions:

1.  Why did you start homeschooling?     We started homeschooling our son when he was 8 and starting 3rd grade.  He had a wonderful kindergarten teacher, a good 1st grade teacher and an okay 2nd grade teacher.  I kept getting notes saying I needed to work more with him on his math facts. There were times that he watched movies that we didn’t approve of and when I complained were told that they did not need to inform me because the movies were on an approved list.  There were times when my son was called into the principal’s office, not because he was in trouble, but because there had been a fight on the playground and she knew my son was not involved, but had seen it and would tell the truth about what happened.  That bothered me quite a bit. And the final kicker was when we received a letter from the district attorney that a child molester had been in my son’s classroom. It happened to be the teacher’s new husband.  The letter said an investigation had been done and found that there were no problems, they were just informing me that it had happened.  This was the final straw, and we did not send him back for 3rd grade.

How long have you been homeschooling?  We have been homeschooling or 9 years now.

3.  Do you have pets? What kind?  We have one dog.  He is a Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky mix also known as a Goberian.  HIs name is Loki, which my son informs me is the Norse God of mischief.  It used to fit him better, but now that he if 4 he is pretty mellow.

4.  What is your picture perfect day like?  My picture perfect day is one where we are all up on time, chores done, nobody fusses at their schoolwork, and everybody finishes on time and happy.  Still working on this perfect day, but I know, one day it will come.

5.  What is your favorite season?  My favorite season is: Fall and Winter.  I love the changing colors of the season in the Fall.  I like the cooler temperatures of winter, although it is a love/hate relationship. I love the snow, as long as I don’t have to drive in it.

6.  What is your favorite dinner or meal to make for your family?  My family is not very picky. They like almost everything I make.  But I think their favorite is Taco Soup.  Every time I make it they attack it and then say, “You should make this again next week.”

7.  What is your favorite activity to do with your family?  With all different ages, we don’t always seem to do everything together like we used to.  But, when a new movie comes out on DVD, it seems that we can find time to watch it together.

8.  What is your favorite indulgence?  My absolute favorite indulgence, that I do not get very often would be: pumpkin cheesecake.

     Now for the questions that I am going to ask.

1.  How did you meet your husband?

2.  How many places have you lived?

3.  What is your favorite place to visit?

4.  What is your favorite dessert?

5.  What is your favorite animal?

6.  What household chore do you dislike the most?

7.  What is your favorite subject to teach?

8.  How long have you been blogging?

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All American x5 said...

Thanks for playing :)

Great answers. The teacher thing would have sent me over the edge also!!!

Vickie said...

Thanks for tagging me and just so you know...I was already going to tag you so you are tagged again. :) Great questions by the way.

Vickie said...

Oh...and I meant to say, I like your new profile picture too.

Guiding Light said...

Hi! I show you as following me on Google friend connect...I've changed where my blog is and would appreciate you following the new blog. It is Have a wonderfully blessed day!