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Saturday, October 9, 2010


     Matthew starts a new job. Two days later, he comes home and says, “Hey, I was asked if I want to play rugby. There is a new team starting in town.”  He has been going to practice for a month now, whenever he is not at work. Well, today was the day. The day that the team had a home game and he was told he would play. 

     I have never seen a rugby game.  All I know about rugby is: it was invented in Australia and it is a rough game, with no pads or protection.  Matthew had already described to us how if you are tackled you are to lie in a fetal position and cover your ears.  So, needless to say I was a bit “concerned”, but he has been so happy about being on the team.

     Let me tell you, was I in for a surprise rugby education.  We arrived at the game and the first thing I observed was, most of the other players were men five to ten years older than Matthew.  The other surprise, the majority of them outweighed Matthew by at least 100 + lbs.  My first thought was “He is going to be squashed flat.”  (To let you know right away, he was not squashed nor did he hurt anything.)  A rugby game is two 40 minute halves and let me tell you rough is not the word for it.  It is absolutely frightening how hard these men run at and tackle each other. 



     My fears were slightly relieved when Matthew went into the game and I realized that he would not be one of the players on the front line.  Those players are the biggest guys. Matthew played in the back and his job was to wait to receive a pass and run for a goal, or tackle the opposing team when they had the ball and were running toward him. 

     Matthew’s feelings after the game were that he did not play very well. My feelings are that for never having played rugby or even seen a game prior to this one, he did just fine.  I can’t say that I am looking forward to the next game he plays, but I will be there to support him nonetheless. 


Cathlene said...

Rugby! Oh my!!

Denise said...

My kids and I LOVE watching rugby on tv! It definitely looks brutal!