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Friday, October 1, 2010


     Are your kids looking for an adventure book? A book where you have to fight off dragons and giants and get out of deep, miry mud bogs? Where you have to be wary around every corner? Where the good guys are truly good and the bad guys are really bad?  A book that contains all of this, but no evolution, humanism or magic? This is what the book Foundlings provides, an adventure/fantasy story.


     The book Foundlings was written by Matthew Christian Harding. It is book One in The Peleg Chronicles.  This is Historical Fiction set in the time after the tower of Babel.  “In its pages we meet dragons, giants, false priests, the death hunt, and under-city of the Dwarven Brotherhood (note: dwarves are depicted as human beings, who just happen to be short, and who were driven into slavery), and many memorable characters.”  “Foundlings weaves together the Biblical principles of  chivalry, truth, courage, duty, faith and love within the framework of Genesis, and a bold adherence to its historicity. It’s an exciting page turner that leaves you wanting more, but more importantly it leaves the reader with Godly heroes to think on and emulate, and a young earth creationist view of history that conforms to the Word of God.” (taken from a Summary of Foundlings, by Matthew Christian Harding) You may purchase the book for $11.95 directly from Zoe and Sozo Publishing.


      In our family, I had myself and three of my children read the book.  We each read the book separately and talked about what we thought. Foundlings has received mixed reviews from our family.  Sarah (13) and Benjamin (8) enjoyed the book. Sarah stated she really liked reading a book with no evolution that had Dwarves, Dragons and Giants in it.She also was riveted by the descriptions of how the animals were trained to interact with humans.  Ben liked the adventure and all the different animals in the book. He especially liked the wolf called, Horatio. He also liked the rescue from the mud bog. I liked that they were reading a “fantasy” book that came from a young earth, creation perspective. Having read in the Bible about behemoth, leviathan and giants, it was a change to read a book from a Christian perspective that included this time period.  Matthew (17) was not as thrilled with the book.  He found the main characters a little “too good”. My stumbling block with the book was: It was disconcerting  to read exact words of scripture, (spoken by various characters) knowing those verses biblically come from a later time period.


     Overall, I have two children that would recommend the book to their friends and one that would not.  I will be able to let other mothers know that within the pages of this book their children will not be challenged to a worldly view of an old earth and evolution. They will instead be challenged to think about the time after Noah and the Tower of Babel in a different light. It is presented as a time of knowledgeable people with great ingenuity.

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As an Independent contractor for The Old Schoolhouse and member of TOS Homeschool Crew I received Foundlings from Zoe and Sozo Publishing for free in exchange for my honest review of their product.


Vickie said...

Good post. Charlie really liked Horatio too. What is it about 8/9 year old boys and their pets LOL

All American x5 said...

Great review. My boys loved the book but we also had some not so thrilled with it.

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Looks great.