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Monday, October 11, 2010

Great Times, Great Memories

    The Blog Cruise for this week is about Field Trips.  We love to take field trips. They may not be elaborate or to some fantastic place, but we always seem to have a good time. Oh, and learning occurs as well ,even if it is just learning how to change a flat on the way to the Capitol.

     I find it hard to talk about field trips we take now, without remembering wonderful field trips that we took a few years back.  They were not wonderful because of the places we went or the things we learned. They were wonderful because of the friends we were with.  Part of being an Air Force family is that you meet people, get to know them and then have to move. We have since moved away to different parts of the country, but the memories of good times remain.

     When we moved to Great Falls, I had a 10, 6, & 2 yr. old, and a 6 month old.  The first time I went to the library I met someone who homeschooled and had four kids herself.  We just seemed to “hit it off”. Then for the next 3 years the fun and games began.

     We had great times going to the Children’s museum together.  The hours the kids spent playing dress up, digging in the sand for dinosaur bones or playing store are priceless.  We would go to Giant Springs along the Missouri River and watch the kids play at the park, roll down the hill and play “Pooh Sticks” on the bridge.  And who could ever forget the learning that occurred at Giant Springs about squirrels. We learned about feeding the squirrels and if they accidentally bite you taking the food out of your hand, you won’t get rabies because a squirrel is classified as a rodent, which do not carry rabies.  We also learned that sledding down hills with trees may be why nobody else joined us and we had that spot to ourselves.  The kids got really good about steering their sleds around trees.

    I want to say Thank You, to Sarah for making such wonderful family memories with us. Thanks for playing “The Game of Life”.  Anyone for Peanuts?

     Have field trips stopped since we move? No but we have slowed down a little.  We have taken a wonderful, informative trip to our state Capitol. We have gone to sand dunes for climbing and to the river just for fun.  We have been able to watch a river crossing complete with horse and wagon and a few cattle.  We have been to an interpretive center for the Oregon Trail as well as art museums and the zoo.  Most of these trips have occurred as part of family visits, but we find it is very fun to share these trips with Grandmas and Grandpas.  Our next field trip will take place this week as we get to visit an apple orchard and hear a presentation and pick our own apples.

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All American x5 said...

Great post. I need to participate in the blog cruise more but WOW we have been busy.

I tagged you in a post over at my blog. Stop by and participate if you can :)